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 Here are our neutered cats that live with us.


Premire & Tica RW & SGCA Elmcoon Raffles. 

Sire:   Ormedon's U'Too Bubaloo.

Dam: Tica CH Mabalakat Dora Maar.

Raffles was the Second Best Maine Coon Alter of 2012 in the EW region.

TICA CH Elmcoon Wildfire

Sire: Ormedon's U'Too Bubaloo.

Dam: CH Dairymaine Carmina Burana.

Tested negative for the HCM MyBCP gene.



Elmcoon Calamity Jane

Sire: Kassaro Sunndancer.

Dam:  TICA CH Elmcoon Wildfire.


RW 11th Best HHP kitten Elmcoon Tiny Tim

Sire: CH Kassaro Morganspice.

Dam:  Elmcoon Sweet Temptation.


Kassaro Cressida.

Sire: Willowplace Maveric ofkassaro.

Dam: Kassaro Fillomina.

We thank Sandra & Ted for "CC"


CC Tested negative for HCM MyBPC gene.

Elmcoon Sweet Temptation.

Sire: Elmcoon Sunndance Kid.

Dam: Tica CH Elmcoon Wildfire.

Sweetie is negative for the HCM MyBCP gene. (negative parents).

  2xRW &  SUPREME GRMC & Olympian Silver Celastine.

Sire: CH Kassaro Morganspice.  

Dam: Elmcoon Destinys Child.



Robusto Hocus Pocus.

Sire: Yaheska Remy Lebeau.

Dam: Fomansia Winter Jasmine.

Maddie is now happy in her new home getting all the attention she deserves.

Elmcoon White Cloud.


Sire: CH Elmcoon Dangerous Liason.

Dam: Robusto Hocus Pocus.

Now living with her forever family.


Elmcoon Gorgeous George.

Sire: Boundingmaines Perseverance.

Dam: Boundingmaines Anne Bonny.


Now living his retirement with a lovely family.



CH Kassaro Peaches -N- Cream.


Sire: CH Elmcoon Dangerous Liason.

Dam: Duch Nocy Xana.

Now living her retirement with her dad Leo.












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